Soy Tejana is a Tejana-owned company, founded by two sisters right here in South Texas.  We're your #1 destination for Texas and Tejano-inspired gear and apparel.

We make T-shirts, tank tops, totes, mugs, and more for Tejanas and Texans who want to bring a piece of their tierra home.  We believe in taking your culture with you and South Texas has a culture all it's own!  

Being Tejana is something special.  It's a point of pride, a badge of honor, a way of life.  Our world is blended and enriched by two sets of traditions, beliefs and customs that shape us into the women we are today.

From our "Raised on Selena" Tees to our "No Manches" mugs, everything in this shop is a loving nod to our Tejana roots.  We're proud of who we are, and we know you are too.

That's why we built Soy Tejana...so we can show our pride and share our culture with the people we love.

Thanks for supporting us and for buying at Soy Tejana.